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here to help with hemorrhoid wellness

We started Revivol-XR Anorectal Wellness to make a difference in the lives of those of us who suffer from anorectal issues. Hemorrhoidsfor example are a common problem yet our founder saw a "void" of information when searching for relief. There just wasn't much support online or modern products to help.  This made struggling with the pain, itching, burning and embarrassment of this "taboo" topic more difficult.  

So, we set out to create a modern community that functions as a partnership more than any other available support of its kind online. We are proud to say that we have accomplished our first goal when we launched a modern-touch on 5% topical lidocaine numbing cream by launching our first product in 2020.  In 2021 we launched Sitz Bath Salt for Hemorrhoids. In 2022 we procured  This site continues to grow and become a center for anorectal care information, support and products. 

We will continue develop and offer the best-value prices on a variety of Revivol-XR products. In the first half of 2023 we will add another four new products to help you find relief.  We aim to provide a memorable experience when you shop on our online store, offering quality products with a top rated customer service.

Additionally, we will always follow our mission to make a difference and remove the taboo of about hemorrhoids, etc. Since our establishment we have managed to help over 50,000 customers. We have a great team of knowledgeable professionals and aim not only to offer our customers the best products available with first in class customer service, but a community where you can discuss and find an array of helpful advice.

We'll always be here for you, whether you need help finding the right product or just want to chat. If you have any queries about our products or would like to check availability of an item, please use the CONTACT US link or start a chat (see bottom right corner) to get in touch.

We wish you wellness,

--Your Support Team at Revivol-XR. 

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